Sunday, September 18, 2011

Satin flower tutorial

This is another easy to make flower that you can use to decorate almost anything.Supplies:-Satin Fabric-Scissors-Hot glue or thread and needle-Beads to decorate

1. Begin by cutting about 6 circles of satin material for each flower: make each circle gradually smaller, making sure they fit on top of the one just larger than it. Don’t worry about making it a perfect circle, because the uneven-ness will add to the beauty of the flower.2.  Use a lighter and slightly melt the edges of each flower ( this also cause the edges to curl up a bit).  Use tweezers to hold the smaller circles, so you don't get burned.

3.  Layer the circles starting from bigger to smaller: you can either use hot glue or tread and needle.

4.  At this point you can sew on beads to the center.

And that's it! you have a perfectly-imperfect satin rosette!!

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