Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mummy treat cups

These make great halloween decorations, party favors, or just a sweet treat for friends, class mates, neighbors, etc. Fill with any candy you want!

-Plastic white cup, empty jar, empty can (make sure top is not sharp), or empty water bottle (cut the top off with scissors)
-Tacky craft glue of mod podge
-Eyes: you can buy wiggly eyes, or you can make your own with black craft paper of felt.

1. Cut the gauze in 1 inch strips
2. cover the container with glue or mod podge
3. Start wrapping the gauze around the container overlapping just a bit each strip.
3. Glue the eyes
4. Cut two pieces of gauze and glue over and under the eyes (keep the inner eye area frayed)
5. Let dry
6. Fill with candy

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