Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to choose a party venue

One of the first steps in party planning is choosing a venue.  It is worth taking time to find just the right location, because the atmosphere and style of the place will set the tone for the occasion and party theme.  Here are a few pointers that will help you choose the perfect location:

1. Capacity   How many people are coming and what kind of party you are hosting (sit down meal, dance party, kids birthday...)
2. Location  Is the place easily accessible for guests and suppliers? if you have guests from out of town are there accommodations nearby?
3. Availability  Remember to make your venue reservation ahead of time specially if you are planning a party on a weekend.
4. Budget  Do not overstretch yourself on the venue...remember you still have to decorate the place, plan for food and entertainment!

Ask the venue about what is included in their price (tables, chair, linens),if they offer catering,and their clean up policy.  
If you are looking to put on an outdoor event, ask if the they will be able to provide a different area to run the party in case of rainy weather. Ask as many questions as you can, and request to see pictures of events that have been held in the past.

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