Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anthropologie inspired children's rosette necklace

I made this cute necklace for my daughter in about 10 minutes!

-A scrap of tulle fabric
-Thread and needle
-Hot glue
-Charm, button, ribbon, lace, pearl to decorate

1. Cut a strip of tulle (2x8 inches)

2. Fold in half and start sewing with a simple stitch at the fold

3. Pull the tread to gather the rosette

4. Cut a small felt circle and sew a ribbon hoop on one of the sides

5. At this point you start gluing your rosette and decorations onto the felt circle

That's it!! it can be worn on a chain or piece of ribbon...or you can make it to decorate a headband, hat, shoes...the possibilities are endless!!

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