Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I heart parties!

If you want to look at it from a sentimental point of view: a party is a celebration of love! Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or a dinner party, you are gathering with people who are important to you, and who share a bond.
Parties are just fun!  I love how when you are in a party laughter is infectious, and you can feel happiness all around you.  The smile of children playing at a birthday, the excitement of the cake and opening presents, and even the occasional meltdown of a tired party guest (we have lots of those in my kids parties, LOL) makes for an unforgettable celebration.
Now, if you ask me as a designer why I love parties? that's a whole different answer!  The mere thought of a celebration gets my creativity going.  I start the research right away and start putting together a theme, color scheme, menu and everything starts coming together.  Thinking about decor, party favors and everything related to a party can be very stressful for some people.  I have some friends who would rather buy prepackaged party kits, because they can't handle the stress of planning a celebration.  For me the entire process is exciting and fun!  Whether a party is just a birthday cake with the family, or an extravagant affair, the reason for having a party is the same: celebration of love, friendship, joy, and just plain old fun! 

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