Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blah to Fabulous!

My daughter has to dress up like a princess for school.  I want to show you how with a little bit of hot glue, and remnants from previous crafts, I turned a $14 dress from blah to fabulous!

Let me Start by saying that there was nothing really BAD about the dress, but it lacked details and it did not have pink (my daughter absolutely LOVES pink).


-Gold ribbons, beads and silk flowers
-Hot glue gun (you could also use fabric glue)

1.  I started by adding some details to the straps and neckline.

2. Replaced the red flower in the neckline for a pink silk flower, and reused the original plastic pin in the center of the flower.

3.  Added gold beads to the edges of the ruffle neckline.

4. Glued small gold bows to the shoulder sides.

5.  Added gold beads and small pink flowers to the skirt ruffle.

6.  Glued gold detail to the skirt hem.

And that's it! the dress looks much more expensive, and special.  I am sure I did not spent more than $5 dollars in supplies.

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