Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My New Obsession: Photo Books!

OK...I admit I am guilty of digital picture neglect!  When my first son was born, I like most moms started taking lots of pictures and printed them regularly.  As time went by, and digital cameras entered my life...well I printed less.  I bought digital frames, emailed pictures, started sharing on social sites...and TOTALLY STOPPED PRINTING!!  Needless to say: I have an enormous gallery of pictures just sitting in digital limbo.
One of my new year resolutions was to do something about those neglected memories.  It all started with a coupon in my emails..and now I am obsessed! 
Photo Books can be a little expensive, but there are so many companies out there that do them...you can always find a good deal or discount!
This is a great way to keep all those precious moments forever in a quality printed collection.  Show your pictures some love and start printing them! in a book, calendar, card, magnet...

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