Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Paper Christmas Trees!

Paper Christmas tree craft
Need a craft to keep the kids busy when it is too cold to go out? 
Check out these super easy paper trees from Parents Magazine


1.  Using different-size circle punches, have the kids punch circles from different shades of green cardstock or scrapbook paper.   You can also use scissors to cut the circles.
2.  Using a standard hole punch, have them make the "ornaments" from various bright colors of paper. 
3.  Use glue stick to glue green circles together in a triangular shape (to resemble a Christmas tree). 
4.  Glue small colored dots all over green circles as ornaments. 
5.  Punch or cut a star for the tree topper; glue to the top of tree. 
6.  Clip a clothespin to the bottom as the trunk.  You can also glue a ribbon hoop in the back and hang them in your tree!

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