Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother's Day: Commercialization Of a Sentiment?

Anna Jarvis, a West Virginia native, is credited with launching the campaign that resulted in the tradition of Mother's Day.  At first, people celebrated Mother's Day by attending church and writing letters to their mothers, but as time went by the increasing retail activity associated with Mother's Day enraged Jarvis. She felt that the day's true sentiment was being sacrificed at the expense of commercial profit. Before her death in 1948, Jarvis is said to have admitted that she regretted having started the Mother's Day tradition.
The second Sunday of May became officially Mother's Day, and it is  now the most popular day of the year with the highest telephone, restaurant and retail activity.  Sons and daughters use this day to honor and to express appreciation of their mothers by purchasing everything from chocolate and flowers to the coveted designer handbags and diamond jewelry.
Do you think we should go back to Anna Jarvis' original intent and stay true to the Mother's Day sentiment; or, should we indulge our mothers by purchasing gifts instead?
Personally I think any gift (no matter how expensive) accompanied by a handmade note, card, picture or letter is the perfect balance of both ideas. I have received many beautiful gifts on Mother's Day from my husband and children, but I must admit that my collection of Mother's Day handmade items is for me the real treasure!
Here are a few cute handmade ideas to inspire you to make your own...

Personalized Family Tree Pillow Cover 16 inch. Mothers Day Gift. Embroidery.  Family Names.  Family.  Light Brown or Gray.
Personalized tree pillow by: Blue Leaf Boutique on Etsy

Mother's Day bouquet Mother's Day bouquet Mother's Day bouquet
Mother's day picture bouquet
Mother's Day card Mother's Day card Mother's Day card
Mother's day heart card
Sentiment garland by: The Country Chic Cottage (tutorial)
DIY Candle votive by: Homemade Serenity Blog
Mom portraits!
Mother's Day Tshirts!
I heart mum t-shirt: idea by The Londoner Blog
Mother's Day
DIY handprint flower vase

Bud Branch and Little Bird Lariat
budded tree branch and bird pendant by: Morgan Prather on Etsy

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